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We are very pleased to announce our new Digital Marketing Affiliate Program has been launched as of today. You may now sign up to become one of our Affiliate Team Member through the form on this page.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Well that is entirely up to you and your level of commitment, but the sky is the limit. Our payouts are anywhere from 10%-20% of the retail price for each service you sell. There are a few services that do not qualify for commissions, and you can read the details on our Affiliate Terms & Conditions Page. Our affiliate program is for individuals who are driven, and easily self-motivated. If you are a business that already has clients asking where to find these services, then this is a must for you! Don’t miss out on easy income for a simple referral. All you need to do is ensure that the client purchases our service, and we will handle all the work.


How Does it Work Exactly?

Our program is very simple, once you have been approved to join our program, you will receive a custom discount promo code for our website. With this code your referred friends or clients will receive a slight discount when purchasing services on our website, and it will also ensure that you get credit for the sale. If you are concerned that the referred individual may forget to use the promo code during checkout. You may also contact us, and provide us with their information ahead of time, so we can keep an eye out for the purchase. We are a very honest company, and always want to ensure that yu will be compensated for all the referrals you provide. How ever, the best way to ensure this is still to let the customer know that they must use the promo code. Since they get a discount when using the code, this is most of the time not an issue.

Affiliate Program How it Works

When Will You Get Paid?

The payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month. How ever, in order to be eligible for you commission payments, the clients needs to have made their payment in full for the services. Also we will need to first collect and verify all the client order information first as well. Once we can begin working on the client’s service, we will be able to provide you with your commission right away. Some commission payments may be made within days, but sometimes it can take a while depending on the level of communication we are able to have with the customer.


How Do I Get Paid?

All payments will be made through PayPal, and you will be required to have an active PayPal account that is in good standing. If for what ever reason you do not have an account, and you cannot create a PayPal account, then please contact us directly. We may be able to find another payment method that is suitable for your specific situation.


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