STEP #2 - Choose a Package

Website Design Pricing

We can design a modern & responsive website for you or your business.




(One Time Payment)

Single Page Design

Premium WordPress Theme & Plugins

Custom Domain Name Registration

1 Year Domain Privacy Protection

1 Month Maintenance (Basic)

2 Revisions Included (Within 1 Month)

5 Royalty-Free Stock Images

10 Email Accounts Setup

20 Custom Affiliate Links

Basic Website Security

Basic Internal SEO

Basic Tracking & Statistics

No Commitments or Hidden Fees!




(One Time Payment)

Single Page Design + 3 Extra Pages

Premium WordPress Theme & Plugins

Custom Domain Name Registration

1 Year Domain Privacy Protection

3 Months Maintenance (Basic)

6 Revisions Included (Within 3 Months)

15 Royalty-Free Stock Images

25 Email Accounts Setup

50 Custom Affiliate Links

Premium Website Security

Premium Internal SEO

Premium Tracking & Statistics

+ Social Media Integration

+ Complete CRM Integration

+ SSL Certificate Installation (Install Only)

+ Extra Premium Features

No Commitments or Hidden Fees!



1200 & Up

(One Time Payment)

Unlimited Pages & Website Size

Full Customer Service & Support

Custom Made Design & Content

Nearly Endless Possibilities

Unlimited Emails, Links, & more!

Get Started for Free!

100% Refund Guarantee!

After placing the order, we will contact you within 1-3 days. We will then get all the final details needed to begin working, and you can also voice any questions or concerns. If you decide to cancel for any reason, you can do so at this time for a full refund. After that we will begin working, and can no longer offer a full refund.


100% Full Ownership


Responsive Website Design


Modern WordPress Website


Fully Custom Made Web Design

Super fast delivery! Get your website up & running in a matter of days!


Our Website Design Pricing is one of the lowest in the industry. How ever, you still get an expert web designer to provide you with all the professional website design services you may need. The Basic Website Design Service is all that you really need to get started with online marketing. Having a good website is the first step in the getting started. With basic package you will get a basic one page website design with multiple page sections. This one page design is known in the industry as a landing/sales page. Landing Pages in most cases are much better for businesses in general when compared to bigger more complex multi-page websites.

Conversion rates on a landing page are drastically higher compared to larger websites. The main reason is  that the landing page is designed for conversion specifically. Meaning that many other less important elements will be left out, in order to direct the user to a purchase/sign up. The whole point of getting found online and doing digital marketing is to increase sales/leads/subscribers, which is why we build websites that do just that!

With the Pro Web Design Packages you will have all the main features and functionality of a Landing Page, but we can also add some extra pages as well. We will still design the website for high-conversion specifically for your business needs. How ever, you might want/need to add some extra separate pages like a contact, about, products, shop, and other pages. We can easily add them at no extra cost when you purchase the pro package.

After we complete your website, you will be able to request some revisions. How ever, if you would like to add to the website, or add functionality to it later on. Our custom website design pricing is a flat rate hourly fee, and will cover any edits/upgrades your site may need. So you can start with one of the web design packages above, and later as your business grows, you can scale the website’s functions and features accordingly. This type of website is a permanent scalable solution, and since it is WordPress based, nearly any other web designer can edit the website later on if needed.


Single Page Style Website Design

Similar to a landing page style, but we can make it much longer and add more functions & information.

Premium WordPress Theme & Plugins

We purchase premium Themes & Plugins that we use to create your site, and at no extra cost to you.

Custom Domain Name Registration

We include the cost of a new domain name, or we can also include the transfer fees of an existing Domain.

Domain Privacy Protection

We will pay the extra cost to protect your business information from the public database available to anyone.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Included is some Website Maintenance, which will keep it updated & secure with monitoring.

Website Revisions Included

You can request revisions/changes to your site anytime while your website maintenance service is active.

Royalty-Free Stock Images

Royalty-Free means you can use the images for commercial purposes, and you own the rights to do so.

Email Accounts Setup Included

We can create custom email accounts like to match your website’s domain name.

Custom Affiliate Links

We can create custom links ( that can lead to any other page on the internet or your own site.

Website Security

We install, set up, and active security protection & monitoring plugins which are free to download & update in the future.

Internal SEO

We will do customized internal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) inside your website, and add all the meta date, and etc.

Tracking & Statistics

Get full access anytime to the WordPress Website tracking and statistics dashboard, with live traffic & click monitoring.

Social Media Integration

We can add your social media via icons, add share buttons, and connect your Facebook & Twitter for automatic posting.

Complete CRM Integration

If your using on of the more popular CRM services/programs, we may be able to connect it to your website’s forms & etc.

SSL Certificate Installation

If you decided to purchase or already have an SSL certificate for your website, we can install it for you. (Changes http:// to https://)

Extra Premium Features

We have very many more great features and functions, the possibilities are endless, really we can do almost anything!

We design the website fully customized just for you, not templates are used here!


What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund for any reason before we begin working. How ever, once we start or complete the work, we can no longer afford to offer refunds. After you complete your purchase we will contact you directly, and you can discus any questions or concerns before we begin working. At this point you will also be able to request a "no questions asked" full refund.

Are there any commitments?

You may cancel the service at any time for a full refund before we begin working. As for monthly services, you can cancel them anytime with a 30 day notice without incurring any cancellation fees.

Who does the work, and from where?

Our highly knowledgable marketing specialists are all located in the United States. All our services are "MADE IN AMERICA" so to speak. You can be sure that you are hiring only skilled & fluent English speaking professionals.

Do I need to provide the content?

That is all up to you! We can create all the content needed to complete the service, or you can provide us with your custom content.

What will I need to do after my purchase?

Shortly after your purchase, we will send you an email that will contain a link to the "Order Information Form" where you can provide all the information we need. Here you can specify any details, and provide any content, images, text, and etc. Right after that will contact you to verify all details, and answer any questions you may have before we begin working.

Where is your customer support team?

We are 100% based in the United States, and primarily do business in Miami, Florida. All our support staff speaks fluent English, and is located here in America.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, all of our payments are only processed directly through PayPal. They are one of the most secure & popular online payment processors available. You can pay with a credit/debit card, or with your PayPal account as well. A PayPal account is not required for purchase of services!








1200 & Up


Istvan Nagy

CEO & Founder, Segway Tours Budapest

" They helped the tourists find my business on Social Media, and got many of them to go to my website to sign up. "

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